In this electronic and gadget era, it is understandable that most people know what is an air purifier. Most people also think that an air purifier is a must-have tools in their household especially those who live in the urban and city area where air is not clean. Air pollution is very high in the city. Even the air inside a house is not that clean and breathable.

In this article, you will not find any ‘extreme’ language about air purifier and I don’t think that anyone would even care if I write about it. What I want to tell you are the most important part on what is an air purifier really is and what it does.

An air purifier is a device that cleans the air inside your home. Now, another question, why do you need to clean the air inside your home? It is because the air inside your house is not clean and polluted. People with allergies and asthmatic need clean air to breath and the air purifier will purify the air so it will be safe to breathe on.

The air inside your home is not as clean as you think. It may contain dust, pet hair, smells, cigarette smoke, germs and even bacteria. That is why people will get allergies even at their own house, by breathing. Air purifier can filter those nasty things in the air.

How air purifier works

Air purifier works by sucking air inside a room in your house, filtered it and release it back for you to breath. So, all the nasty things in the air are caught up inside the air purifier using its filter and the air it releases back will be clean and fresh.

However, the filter alone will only remove pollutants and not including germs, viruses and bacteria. To kill bacteria, the air purifier is also equipped with UV light which can kill bacteria in the air.

Air purifier maintenance

The only thing that will need to be replaced is the filter. Filter price is according to the material of the filter and the lifespan. A good filter can cost up to a few hundred dollars. But you don’t have to worry about that. The filter will only be replaced after a few years.

Eventually, the air purifier filter will get dirty. Some air purifier filter can be washed and some can only be clean using a vacuum cleaner. You will need to know how to open up the air purifier to do this. If you order an air purifier, don’t throw the manual away. You will need it later for maintenance.


Having an air purifier at home is a good choice because it can help you clean the dust and any other particles in the air without having to use the vacuum or feather duster anymore. You just turn the switch on and relax.

One of the best functions of an air purifier is the smell neutralizer. No matter what you cook at the kitchen, the smell will go away without you realizing it. Not just smell but also cigarette smoke that can harm your children and other non-smokers in the same house. Get one today for a good refreshing air.