Air Purifier Reviews 2015: Reviews and Comparison 


Air purifiers are becoming a trend in every household and the popularity is growing fast. This is because people know the importance of air purifiers especially those who have allergies and health issues with contaminated air. For those who are still in the dark about what is air purifier is all about, well, it is an electronic device that cleans the air in your rooms inside your house. 

Simply said, air purifiers purify the air to make it clean and safe to breath. It can eliminate dust particles, cigarette smoke, pollen, mold spores and even allergens. Using air purifier is the cheapest and effective way to clean the air inside your house.

Top 4 Best Air Purifiers Comparison


Ideal Room Size

7 x 10.2 x 21.5 inches
7 pounds

14.8 x 11.4 x 7.2 inches
5.8 pounds
10ft x 11ft

17 x 6 x 7 inches
3.4 pounds

18 x 18 x 19.6 inches
21 pounds
Small to large


Air Purifier Reviews 2015


GermGuardian AC4825


Up to this point, this is the best model available on the market and it is the best seller in Amazon which has the highest rating at 4.5 stars.  It has 3 in 1 function available which is air cleaning, UV-C light that kills bacteria and germs and odor reducing system. 

With its True HEPA air filtration, the GermGuardian captures 99.97% bacteria, germs, pollen, dust, pet dander and also dust mites that can cause allergies and other health issues such as asthma. HEPA air filtration is recommended by doctors to reduce exposure to asthma triggers. 

HEPA Filter:
A HEPA filter is a type of mechanical air filter; it works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke. You can find HEPA filters in most air purifiers. These are small, portable units that may work for a single room. -  WebMD

GermGuardian weight at only 7 pounds which is very light to move anywhere in your home. The dimension is 7 x 10.2 x 21.5 inches. It is small enough to fit in any small room even if your room looks like a shipwreck. 

  • Cleans the air perfectly. No more dust particles everywhere on the table, television, computer and other furniture. The air inside your room will smell better too. 
  • Remove smell. The air in our home is polluted with so many smells like laundry, food, leftovers and what else. GermGuardian can remove this smell and makes your home smells like fresh air. 
  • Kills germs, virus and bacteria. This is very helpful for someone who is allergic or asthmatic. Any harmful virus and bacteria will be killed with the UV-C light.
  • The fan speed is really quiet and it will give you a peace of mind when trying to sleep at night.
  • The small size makes it easy to placed anywhere in the house.

  • After a few years, the fan can be quite noisy.
  • The filter may get dirty overtime. It will require cleaning.


Holmes Desktop Air Purifier-HAP242-UC


This is a small type of air purifier that suitable for desktop use. The ideal room for placing is small to medium but for best use, keep it in a small room like in the bedroom. Holmes Desktop Air Purifier also uses HEPA filter. For the fan speed, it has three settings which are low, medium and high.

Holmes Desktop Air Purifier weight about 5.5 pounds. The dimension is 14.8 x 11.4 x 7.2 inches. For people who want their bedroom to smell nice, this is the right item for you.

  • The low fan setting is very quiet and you wouldn’t realize it is running.
  • Cleans the air and smell perfectly.
  • Value for money.

  • The high fan speed setting is quite noisy.
  • Doesn’t eliminate bacteria in the air.
  • Cleaning the filter can be hard work and frustrating. The best solution is to buy a new filter.


Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer Cleaner FS8088


If you are looking for other air purifier that doesn’t use HEPA filter, this is the right product for you. It uses charcoal filter. Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer Cleaner FS8088 has other feature that is the electrostatic dust collector which collects dust from your room. This dust collector can be easily clean and wipe off if it’s getting dirty.

Product also has UV light that can kill bacteria and germs in the air. Other great feature is the ionic technology that it uses to generate negative ions to remove air pollutants and other micro particles.
Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer Cleaner FS8088 is 3.4 pounds in weight and 17 x 6 x 7 inches in dimension. It is quite small and very suitable for any home.

  • The electrostatic dust collector is easy to clean.
  • The charcoal filter is washable so you don’t have to replace it until it is damage.
  • Product has UV light that kills off bacteria and germs.
  • Reduce odor and ozone level.
  • 3 years warranty

  • Product is not very heavy duty and cannot last in the long run
  • Parts are also quite low in quality. But for the price, it is worth it.


Honeywell 50250-S


This one heavy air purifier is very good for large room use. It has 360 degrees air filtering and air flow really cleans the air fast. Honeywell 50250-S uses a True HEPA air filter that removes 99.97% of air pollutants. The fiberglass HEPA material also helps to kill germs and bacteria. 

Honeywell 50250-S weight about 21 pounds and it is quite heavy than the other air purifier. The dimension is 18 x 18 x 19.6 inches. For anyone who have a big home and also big rooms, this is the right item for you to consider.

  • Long life HEPA filter (3-5 years)
  • Powerful air filter which can cover large room
  • Considered cheap compared to the performance
  • Easy to maintain
  • 360 degrees air intake and output
  • 5 year limited warranty 

  • Noisy because of the powerful fan
  • Power consumption is quite high
  • Pretty ugly

Friday, 30 January 2015

Some people might wonder do they need an air purifier at their home. My personal answer is yes. Air purifier doesn’t only clean your air. It can do more than that. If you read the newspapers or watch it on your television, the air pollution rate is getting worse and there is no way it will come down fast.

If you still think that you are comfortable only by using your air conditioner, you can think again. An air conditioner only can make the air feel cold and it comforts you during hot weather. It does not remove smells and bacteria in the air. Try to turn it off for a while. You can notice how awful the smell is in your house.

Without further delay, here is our Top 5 Reasons On Why You Should Buy Air Purifier:

1. To remove dust particles and other allergen triggers

Dust may be or may be not being seen on the air. If you are dusting your cabinets and furniture, you might see dust flying everywhere. The dusts that you can see with your naked eyes are quite large in size. What about the one that you cannot see with your naked eyes? You will still inhale them and it will reach your lungs.

This not only concern dusts but also pet dander, mold spores and plant pollens that can cause allergens. Without realizing, all those stuff is in the air right now in your house. Sounds terrifying right? But that is the fact that we should accept.

Air purifier can trap all those air pollutants and release clean air into your house. That is because air purifier use air filter that can trap those nasty stuff. You can rest assured that the air that you inhale is as clean as new.

2. Reduce odors

In a common household, we can smell about anything in the house from the food that you cook to the smell of paint of your house. What about odors from human body? That’s sounds and smells terrible indeed. That is because human also can attract bacteria that can cause awful odors.

Don’t forget bad habits such as smoking and leaving dirty laundry all over the house. Do you want your kids be the second hand smoker? If you have bad habits like smoking, don’t drag your kids into it. Don’t let them fall sick because of you.

With air purifier, you can reduce all the odors and smoke to the extent that you almost can’t smell it anymore. Your home will be odorless from bad odors. You don’t have to feel ashamed anymore when guests are coming.

3. Kills bacteria, virus and germs

There are some virus and bacteria that can spread through the air such as E.coli and streptococcus that will make you sick. Air purifier can kill these types of viruses and prevent them from spreading or prevent them from your home.

Most air purifier has UV lights. These UV lights can damage the bacteria’s DNA and destroy them completely which means the bacteria is killed.

4. Use less power

We cannot say that using air conditioner in your home is a bad idea. We still love air conditioners and it is really useful during very hot weather. It is hard to sleep at night when you are drowning in your own sweat.

But by comparing an air conditioner with an air purifier, air purifier consumes much less power. Even though that air purifier does not produce cold air, it is also important to the household for health benefits. Users must know that both items have its use and purpose. In this case, air purifier is good for health benefits.

5. Easy to maintain

Air purifier is very easy to maintain. As long as the filter is in good shape, you don’t have to replace them. All you have to do is open the air purifier, take out the filter and you can begin to clean them. However, you need the manual to do this. Some air purifier’s filter can be wash with water and some you cannot get it wet.

In case you lost the manual on how to clean the filter, you can use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and stain on the filter.

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

In this electronic and gadget era, it is understandable that most people know what is an air purifier. Most people also think that an air purifier is a must-have tools in their household especially those who live in the urban and city area where air is not clean. Air pollution is very high in the city. Even the air inside a house is not that clean and breathable.

In this article, you will not find any ‘extreme’ language about air purifier and I don’t think that anyone would even care if I write about it. What I want to tell you are the most important part on what is an air purifier really is and what it does.

An air purifier is a device that cleans the air inside your home. Now, another question, why do you need to clean the air inside your home? It is because the air inside your house is not clean and polluted. People with allergies and asthmatic need clean air to breath and the air purifier will purify the air so it will be safe to breathe on.

The air inside your home is not as clean as you think. It may contain dust, pet hair, smells, cigarette smoke, germs and even bacteria. That is why people will get allergies even at their own house, by breathing. Air purifier can filter those nasty things in the air.

How air purifier works

Air purifier works by sucking air inside a room in your house, filtered it and release it back for you to breath. So, all the nasty things in the air are caught up inside the air purifier using its filter and the air it releases back will be clean and fresh.

However, the filter alone will only remove pollutants and not including germs, viruses and bacteria. To kill bacteria, the air purifier is also equipped with UV light which can kill bacteria in the air.

Air purifier maintenance

The only thing that will need to be replaced is the filter. Filter price is according to the material of the filter and the lifespan. A good filter can cost up to a few hundred dollars. But you don’t have to worry about that. The filter will only be replaced after a few years.

Eventually, the air purifier filter will get dirty. Some air purifier filter can be washed and some can only be clean using a vacuum cleaner. You will need to know how to open up the air purifier to do this. If you order an air purifier, don’t throw the manual away. You will need it later for maintenance.


Having an air purifier at home is a good choice because it can help you clean the dust and any other particles in the air without having to use the vacuum or feather duster anymore. You just turn the switch on and relax.

One of the best functions of an air purifier is the smell neutralizer. No matter what you cook at the kitchen, the smell will go away without you realizing it. Not just smell but also cigarette smoke that can harm your children and other non-smokers in the same house. Get one today for a good refreshing air.

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